Teaching Coach

When I decided to homeschool my children back in 1995, there were few resources, no support groups, and no mentors in my area. Each day was as much of a learning experience for myself as it was for my kids.

Nevertheless, each of my kids graduated, went on to college and universities. They each have careers and homes of their own.

This year, I’m homeschooling our five year old grandson.

Things may be different from over twenty years ago, but from my experience, things now are easier. There are far more resources and accessibility. Still, families new to homeschooling can feel overwhelmed.

Need help setting up a teaching schedule that works for you and your family?

Need help figuring out how to work from home and still meet your state’s requirements for learning?

Need encouragement or someone who has been through every stage of homeschooling?

I can help.

For $25/month, I offer 4 weekly online meetings, 8 email sessions correspondences and 4 personalized materials (example: printable homeschool schedule custom made for your family, reading or homework goal charts, homeschool planner.)

Email Michele at [email protected] to sign up.