Barefooted Friar is a home education resource for homeschoolers, those learning at home due to Covid-19 and those who feel their child just needs extra resources to supplement their learning experience.  The materials can be used as a weekly curriculum, or merely as a resource to meet the individual needs of a student.

Michele is a harpist, writer and teacher.  She’s also a wife, mother and grandmother.  She grew up speaking French with her grandmother as a child and continued on reading and writing in the language, later writing music for children in French.  In that time, she also has combined her harp performance experience with her teaching experience to write music and lessons for her Montessori and music students.  Much of the curriculum on this site is from her experience and lessons in her school and studio.  Michele is the author of the Mr. Kiwi children’s book series.

Barefooted Friar was created from years of teaching.  Each lesson is part of a lesson plan she has presented in a school or home education setting. 

While many curriculums are far more high tech, Barefooted Friar uses music to teach concepts whenever possible.  Babies hum and coo to develop language.  Music is a natural next step to help children learn about the world around them.

How Do I Use This Curriculum With My Child?