Shadow Drawing

For most of us, July still means pretty good weather, no matter where you are. The point of a boredom buster is to get moving, shake the sillies out and do something different. This week, I recommend shadow drawing.

You will need:

Sidewalk chalk

A sidewalk (or driveway free of cars, or a patio)

Your favorite dinosaurs, action figures, stuffed animals or even your favorite person will do (as long as they are sitting or standing in place)

With the sun shining or your selected cement area, place your figures, Dinos or people so that their bodies cast a shadow. Now, with the sidewalk chalk, trace their shadows and color them in!

Get creative! Unicorns can leap over a T-rex and little brothers can become giants in the shadow world.

Did this boredom buster work great for you? Send us a picture. We would love to share it here with our Barefooted Friar students.

From Finn in Commerce, Mi